Dear Valued Customer:


Our company’s main focus over the past 23 years has been to continue to build and provide our clients with the best in service and supplies at a competitive price.


By being a small family owned business, we understand the foundation of our success has been achieved by fostering a trusting relationship with our customers while at the same time providing a superior service.


In a effort to strengthen our continuation of support, Dental Equipment and Supply (DES) has joined the American Dental Coop (ADC), a membership that coops purchases and savings to provide customers the purchase power for products and equipment at better prices than larger corporations. Our continued affiliation with ADC dental dealers gives us a strong building foundation for continuing to give a competitive edge of full services to our offices. Our valued customers are our board of directors and our sales provide stockholder benefits to the customers whom have helped build our commitment of never needing to mark up a price in order to increase our profits, nor ever suggest unnecessary services or products for your business. We will continue to understand the everyday pressures and demands a dental office faces and realize every purchase is an investment into the future.


As you search through our website, please note that we offer a wide array of products and services to meet our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves in offering numerous choices for your office which is why we will help you to purchase the products and equipment you need.


Thank you for taking the time to research our company.  We eagerly look forward to assisting you with the services and products you need to be continually successful. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions and suggestions.


Wishing You Continued Prosperity,


Dental Equipment and Supply Inc. Staff